How to understand your own unresolved emotions

Our Emotions Communicate Our Progress. When we are stuck in emotional pain, or it is in repeat, or there are aspects of our life emotionally unresolved, this is the signal that lets us know we are powerless at this moment to break the patterns and create a different future.

We certainly do not have inspired feelings/thoughts calling us forth into a different reality when we are stuck in emotional pain on these topics. The normal human reaction is an attempt to change someone or something else in order to feel better and create better results. In other words, to make an outer adjustment rather than an inner one. This is conditional living (powerless) – meaning if I can just CHANGE a ‘conditionʼ outside of me then I will have a REASON to feel better.

This is the ineffective, painful, and hard way to go about it – and the results are downright futile. This is not how we effectively create anything! The truth is our emotions are not just letting us know where we are right now in relation to our goal – they are actually the creator (or not) of our goal.

There is only two ways our emotions are going to be. A version of ‘goodʼ or a version of ‘badʼ. When we understand it is our vibrational (feeling) level creating our realities, we no longer ignore our emotions, and we can in fact get very in-tune with them and want to work directly with them. We make getting our emotional wellbeing as healthy as possible our highest priority.

This is how it goes…
The closer we are right now emotionally to our goal of what we want (abundance, expansion, joy, fulfilment, authentic love etc.) the better we are going to feel. The further we are emotionally from what we want the more our emotions are going to register pain.

That is IT – that is your gauge.

Painful emotions tell us we off track and there is an inner adjustment to be made to get on track.

No outer adjustment is going to change your emotional programming – it is an inside job.

If you want to work with your emotions yoga and breathing can help. Start practicing now.

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