It is important for you to know that an emotion is a combination of feeling and thought

It is important for you to know that an emotion is a combination of feeling and thought. Thought lacks feeling because thought is just something in your head, not something you can feel like a physical object (an apple). When a thought is just focusing on one thing (that one thing could be your face in the mirror that the thought is focusing on) for a brief or for a long period of time. Thought focused on your face can either raise your confidence about your face or lower your confidence about your face. Every thought that you think has a fair or unfair consequences.So be aware of what you think, feel and believe.

Pay close attention to the negative part of your experience for your positive self-development.

This is what I do for my own positive self-development: I pay close attention to what I am experiencing or feeling or thinking. I especially focus on the negative part of my experience and learn the lesson that I needed to learn from the negative part of the experience. I learn the lesson with a positive attitude of my mind.

In school, the teacher gives you a lesson first and tests you afterwards. But with experience, it’s totally the opposite.

Experience is the hardest teacher because it gives you the test first and the lesson afterwards. So, focusing first on the negative part of my experience is important for me and for my positive self-development.

N.B. There are no meanings in any experience, but the meaning is given to the experience after the event is over. Don’t give meaning to any of your experiences. If you lived the experience fully as it was happening, you wouldn’t be giving a meaning to it. Meaning is given to the experience when you are not happy.

I thought it would be good to explain the meaning of the word “Experience”.

“Experience” means something along the lines of “perception”, “sensation”, or “observation” or it refers to know-how. In other words, on the job learning rather than book-learning.

Another example of Experience: I hear and forget. I see and remember. I do and understand. Understanding comes from doing a thing.

knowing versus knowing about.

Knowing about is an intellectual understanding of the subject. Whereas knowing implies that one has been involved emotionally and behaviourally in the understanding of the experience.

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