Kindness is like the air we breathe

Kindness is like the air we breathe. We do not see the air we breathe. But it gives life.

Life begins with the first breath, and it ends with the last breath

Breath is the very root of our existence and in any problems of health prime considiration must be given to the breath.

Psychologist researcher, John Kabat-Zinn, of the medical Centre Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts, states:

A simple act of conscious breathing can change the type and quality of peptides produced by the brain stem. All peptides in existence are now known to be present in the respiratory system (in our lungs) and this is probably the biological explanation for why something as simple as “breathing consciously” can so effectively and predictably calm the mind, or in some people help release grief, fear or anger, etc.

People pass away from this world, not knowing, how much they were aware while they lived their lives between the very first earthly breath and the very last earthly breath.

To know what happened to you between the first and the last breath. Pay attention to your BREATH and watch your MIND when it reacts. Live holistically.

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