Live holistically

Focus on yourself as a whole person and not as a partial person. You cannot separate your brain from your body and your mind from your brain; that’s what I call living your life holistically. Only a holistic brain produces insight.
We are not wholly good, and we are not wholly bad. But each day we can try to be whole. Being whole means it’s what you are thinking, and what you are thinking you are feeling. What you are feeling, it’s what you are thinking; that’s consciousness. Consciousness is not splintered. In other words, you are whole and not fragmented.

What concerns me, each person must be concerned with him or herself, with making him or herself whole. We have lessons to learn, each one of us, they must be learned, one at a time, in order only then we can know what the next person need. What he or she lacks or what we lack to make us whole. Live holistically.

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