What is Yoga with Saeed

In yoga it is important to know about how the yoga postures work physically, physiologically, and psychologically. This develops a valuable awareness of what’s happening inside the body and supports a more mindful response to stress.

During the 45 minutes of physical practice of dynamic yoga with Saeed, the breath is the main focus of attention. The reason for this is that it unites the mind and body and takes the individual to the deepest level of awareness.

  • Physically yoga postures work on the breath until its rhythm becomes more natural and relaxed.
  • Physiologically yoga postures serve to regulate breathing and the level of carbon dioxide in the blood.
  • Psychologically the breath becomes the sole focus of attention and this conscious breathing is a starting point for relaxation of body, breath and mind.

If you are attending a yoga session with Saeed for the first time and have not done yoga before, I will train you diligently and enable you to achieve a moderate level of physical flexibility, strength, and fitness. Off the mat, I encourage you to practice the art of letting go.

My ongoing concern for myself and others with whom I share my yoga practice extends beyond physical wellbeing, important though that is. I hope to instil yoga practitioners to develop the art of letting go, a way in which to increase our awareness of our ongoing thinking and feeling, and in this way to become better judges of when to act, when to ignore – to let events go by without interfering.

This has been my foremost mission since March 1989, when I became increasingly aware of in which direction to focus, where to push, and what to aim for. It is my wish to enable people though the art of letting go to better learn the art of when to effect change, and when to leave something well alone.

I am deeply convinced that you will feel calmer, less stressed, and more clear-sighted in your everyday life as you increasingly develop the power of letting go; seeing more clearly those things you encounter, related to one each other, linked by cause-and-effect. You are then able to remain unaffected by negative experiences, hurtful words and so on.
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