Yoga with Saeed

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Holistic yoga with Saeed is a practice for the mind and body. Through the practice of postures, movements, breathing and attentiveness, a non-judgemental attitude is cultivated. This peaceful quality is particularly manifested by focusing on the flowing nature of breath. The breath is the master key by which the mind is controlled and observed.


Yoga with Saeed is easy to learn and practice. It teaches you how to control and observe the mind practically, but it is the breath that needs to be disciplined with moving postures before you can discipline the mind (the chatter box). The easiest way to discipline the breath is to synchronise the breath with the movement. 


How you use your body might change the way you think! Plato said, "Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it."  Movement is important for your well-being. Yoga does many many things for the brain including increase the amount of gray matter in areas of the brain involved in learning and memory; compassion and non-judgemental attitude. 


If you are thinking of taking up a new activity. Consider yoga. Yoga will maximise your well-being including your range of movements such as joint flexibility and muscle suppleness. Physiologically, yoga will also maximise your muscle endurance and breath stamina. Psychologically, over time you will become and more proactive and less emotionally reactive. A good state of mind can be achieved by you alone.


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