The subjective experience of my heart

I would like to share my subjective experience of my heart, with you: for the first time in my entire life I heard the soft gentle rhythmic beating of my heart fully synchronised with the tick, tick sound of my
clock on the wall during my 2-minute breath hold with empty lungs. During the 2-minute breath hold, I
found myself witnessing my heart and the clock beating together as one and not as two separate
objects; mystical experience. Awareness is awareness and it’s the Awareness that brought the
experience into my consciousness for me to witness it.

I have been practising the breath-hold technique since 02/01/2022 and only today on 31/10/2022 for
the very first time, I actually felt how gentle my heart is. I felt the love and gentleness of my heart
beating together in total harmony. I can’t put the beauty and the gracefulness of my heart into words
that I experienced today at 5 am. All I can tell you is that, it is a subjective experience of the beauty and the gracefulness of my gentle heart.

I feel as though I have been blessed by my living heart. I felt the love that my heart holds for me. I
love you my heart more than anything else in the world. I love my dearest wife Chand, my
extraordinary son Saleem and my very special daughter RUMI. My family is as beautiful as my gentle

Thank you for reading the experience of my heart.

I realised that my subjective experience is a gift from AWARENESS. Awareness is universal. It’s
neither yours or mine. Awareness is awareness. Awareness is changeless. Awareness does not
become the world. Awareness remains awareness. For example, milk can be transformed into yogurt, into cheese…and therefore milk does not remain milk; it has changed. Anything that changes from one thing into another is not real.

Awareness does not change into consciousness and therefore awareness remains awareness. It
neither becomes consciousness nor it produces consciousness. Its job is to bring the experience into
your consciousness, that’s all. If you are wholly conscious you can witness the experience as it
happens subjectively in you. I am grateful to Awareness. Because we are the beads held together with one string. String is the
universal Awareness that is flowing through all the beads. We are the beads.

Breath has a very important partner in its work, namely the heart. This amazing muscle never stops
pumping during our entire lifetime. It begins beating in us long before we are born and it just keeps on
beating day in and day out, year in and year out without a pause, without a rest for our entire life. Be
kind to your heart and take great care of it. Also breath is the root of our existence, breathe well.

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