If you do not exercise your muscles they would atrophy and weaken

If you do not exercise your muscles they would atrophy and weaken as a consequence, as would your bones and your connective tissues. If you want to maintain the suppleness of the body, flexibility of the joints and overall strength, exercise your body. Flexibility in your thinking is equally important.

Yoga with Saeed is unique and it is a ‘guided’ form of yoga.
On the mat, we practise dynamic yoga physically for 45 minutes with unequal breathing.
Off the mat, I inspire my yoga students to practise the art of letting go.

The practise of letting go will enable you to develop healthier mental states and improve your readiness to confront the mental and emotional challenges of daily life with calmness, clarity, and harmony.

Breath is the very root of our existence. In any problems of physical and mental health prime consideration must be given to the breath. Breath is the master key for our physical and mental wellbeing. I will train you to breathe properly.

Elephants, crocodiles, snakes, and other animals noted for their longevity have a breathing rate which is less than man’s. Mice live for 3 months at most because the mouse heart beats at 1,000 beats per minute. Slow down your heart and your breathing so that you can gain a long life span and a quality of life that is full of beauty throughout.

Dogs breathe very quickly, using the mouth more than the nose; they are very active and fast. Thus they only live for about 15 years, 20 at the most. By comparison, a turtle does not breathe with its nose alone; it uses its internal body, its abdomen. When turtles are young they take 2-3 breaths per minute and when they are old they take about 4 breaths per minute. Turtles move slowly and quietly. So on average, Tortoises live for 200 years or more; the longest-lived t was 300 years old. Image result for longest lived turtle. Longest-Lived Reptile: The Giant Tortoise (300 Years)

And these turtles have lifespans that perfectly match their 500- to 1,000-pound weights: giant tortoises in captivity have been known to live longer than 200 years, and there’s every reason to believe that testudines in the wild regularly hit the 300-year mark.

Keep this in mind: it’s OK to be a turtle sometimes and it’s OK to be a racing horse sometimes, but not all the time; ponder over it.

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